Physics Lab Grading and Attendance Policies

Revised 11 May 2006

Each lab will be graded out of ten points by the TA. That grade will be based on the report you submit, perhaps on quizzes of your understanding of the pre-lab material, and perhaps on the TA's assessment of your actual laboratory procedures. Responsibility for assigning the grade is entirely in the hands of the TA, while the decision on what weight to give to the lab work is entirely the responsibility of the lecture class instructor.

Missed labs — There are three types of absences:

  1. Absences excused by the Student Academic and Financial Affairs Committee of the Academic Senate - documented by a statement from the Office of the Registrar. In accordance with Student Rules and Regulations IV.B.4., these absences will be permitted to be made up.
  2. Absences for which accommodation is requested by the Office of the Dean of Students - documented by an email from the Office of the Dean of Students to the Faculty Member in Charge.
  3. Other absences - Other absences may not be made up, and earn a grade of zero.

Note that your TA may not arrange a make-up lab for you, nor may you perform a lab on your own. Here are some examples of situations in which absences may or may not be made up.

At the end of the term your poorest lab grade (which may be an absence that was not made up) will be dropped.

A final lab grade out of 100% will be calculated and recorded. This grade will be transmitted to your lecture class instructor for use in determining your class grade.

A student whose final grade on the lab work is reported as below 60% will be have failed the lab and, thus, failed the entire course.

A student who earns a lab grade of above 60% will have passed the lab.