School of Physics

Traditional Introductory Physics I
PHYS 2211 A, B, & C

Honor Code Policies

The policy on academic integrity as stated in the GIT Honor Code will be fully enforced during this course. In particular:

Remember that the permitted collaboration on homework and in-class activities involves students learning physics together. One student simply getting answers from another is not collaboration, and is not permitted.

Also, altering a quiz and submitting it for grade reconsideration is NOT permitted. Note that if an alteration has been made for a students own purposes (for example, as a reminder of a correct approach), such alteration MUST be explicitly declared at the time grade reconsideration is requested.

Violations of these rules will be forwarded to the Office of Student Integrity.

Note that the Honor Code formally defines academic dishonesty as …any act that does or could improperly distort student grades or other student academic records. If you should have any question regarding the propriety of a particular behavior, you are encouraged to discuss the matter with your instructor.