School of Physics

Traditional Introductory Physics I
PHYS 2211 A, B, & C



From poorest to best performance, each student's quizzes will count 6%, 9%, 12%, and 18%, respectively, of their course grade.

Students excused by the Institute under section IV.B.3 of the Student Rules and Regulations must make alternative quiz-taking arrangements at least a week in advance. Students whose presence elsewhere is required by a court of law, or for whom accommodation for an absence is requested by the Office of the Dean of Students, must substitute their final exam grade for the grade of the missed quiz. Note that the Office of the Dean of Students will not make such a request for routine matters such as short-term illness, doctor appointments, wedding attendance … job interviews, and the like.

Formula Sheets

Students may not bring formula sheets to the quizzes or final exam. This standardized formula sheet will be provided for the quizzes and final exam (PDF format).

Calculator Policy

Calculators that cannot store text may be used on the quizzes and final exam. Note that if your calculator keypad includes a complete alphabet, that's a very good sign that it cannot be used. Our expectations for your work on the free response problems are the same good problem-solving practices you should be using on the homework, anyway.

You may find an example helpful.

Quiz Day Protocol

  1. Wait outside the upper entrance of the room. Turn off and put away all cell phones and pagers. Do not enter the room until admitted by a proctor.
  2. Quizzes will be laid out on the desks before you enter the room. Sit at a desk with a quiz, and begin. Do not move the quiz to another desk. The proctors will begin admitting students promptly at the beginning of the period (6:05pm).
  3. You should do all your work on the quiz paper. If you need additional paper, raise your hand and the proctors will provide it. Box your answers to free-response questions. Mark your answers to multiple-choice questions on the answer card as soon as you feel confident that your answer is correct. Please circle the answer you have selected on your quiz.
  4. When you have finished your quiz, collect your things and bring your quiz and answer card to the desk at the front of the room. Present your student ID to the proctor. Place your quiz, with your card on top, in one of the boxes on the table.
  5. Your quiz and answer card must be in the box by the time the clock in the lecture room reads the end of the quiz period (7:25pm), or, if a line has formed, you must be waiting in it and doing nothing else. Continuing to work after the deadline will result in a substantial penalty in points.
  6. If you finish early, please leave quietly. Please don't disturb your classmates any more than necessary.

Academic Issues

  1. Don't waste time on a problem if you get stuck: come back to it later if you have time. Partial credit will be awarded on the free-response questions, based on the work shown. There is no penalty for guessing on multiple-choice questions.
  2. Clarifications and corrections may be announced during the test. Glance at the board every now and then.
  3. Your scores will be posted under PostEm on T-Square.
  4. Quiz grades become final when the next quiz is given. Notify Dr. Murray as soon as possible if there is a problem.

Filling out the Answer Card

  1. Write your name on the top line of the section labeled "STUDENT IDENTIFICATION" as shown in the figure. This is for humans to read, and the format is not important.
  2. Write your quiz form number (from the top of your quiz) and your 9-digit student number below your name.
  3. Bubble in your quiz form number in the first (left-most) three columns of the card. Note that "0" is at the top of the column.
  4. Leave column 4 blank.
  5. Bubble in your student number in columns 5 through 13 and leave columns 14 and 15 blank. Again, note that "0" is at the top of the column.
  6. Make no marks among the registration bars at the bottom edge of the card.
  7. For all multiple-choice questions, circle your answer on your quiz and mark one of the five boxes next to the number of the question on your card.

Example of properly filled-in scantron card